eLMS is a user friendly and affordable e-learning system. The platform is a combination of a Learner Management System, Site Management System, Course and Content Management System, Exam Management System, Education Management System and Capability Development Performance System.


eLMS is a complete one-stop solution available to interested parties who require an affordable platform to conduct its learning or training online. 

eLMS has solutions for e-learning and education management needs. With eLMS you can extend your reach and maximise the potential of your training. Whether you’re just getting started or have existing courses you want to deliver online, eLMS can serve and assist you to attain higher returns from your investments in e-learning and education management.

eLMS can assist you to plan, design and publish your training content for online delivery, while providing the technology, infrastructure, and expertise necessary for a successful e-learning deployment. 

Our e-learning solution delivers all the power and performance you need in one turnkey package:

  • Site Management System
  • Learner Management System 
  • Course and Content Management System
  • Education Management System

eLMS has focused on delivering complete, scalable, and flexible e-learning and education management solutions that enable the creation, delivery and management of high-quality, current courseware for learners.